Background, History and Philosophy of Project Gutenberg

How did Project Gutenberg begin, and grow? What motivated its founder, Michael Hart? What are some of the core beliefs?

Project Gutenberg has a long history, which predates the modern Internet and continues until today. The essays and documents in this section provide some of the background of Project Gutenberg, and also describe the basis for how Project Gutenberg operates.

50 years of eBooks: 1971-2021, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first for reading enjoyment and unlimited free redistribution (2021).

The History and Philosophy of Project Gutenberg by Michael Hart (1992)

Mission Statement (2004)

Principal of Minimal regulation (2004)

Administrativia (2004)

How eTexts Will Become the “Killer App” of the Computer Revolution (Undated)

No Cost, or Freedom? (2012)

Other items about Project Gutenberg