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What you are allowed to do with our eBooks once you download them: See: the Project Gutenberg License and the Permission How-To.

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When linking to a Project Gutenberg item, link to the main landing page such as www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/11. Do not link to specific files or anchors, such as http://www.gutenberg.org/files/11/11-h/11-h.htm. Technical measures (i.e., cookies, captchas and similar) are utilized to ensure that links come from the landing page or elsewhere within www.gutenberg.org. If you need to link to a specific file or passage, please make your own copy of that file and host it on your own server. This measure is a protection against possible renaming or reorganizing the back end file structure, which has happened several times over the years. We intend the landing page to be permanent.

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Applies mainly to website owners. We do not allow large-scale deep-linking to eBook files hosted on our servers. We reserve the right to take legal and technical measures against this.

While the books we host are free, our server infrastructure and bandwidth is not. It is paid with money generously made available by our donors and partners. We will not tolerate mock Gutenberg front-ends that pocket advertising revenues while leaving the cost of actually serving the files to us.


Applies to OPDS application developers. Every application that uses our OPDS feed must:

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Blocks to Internet addresses (IP addresses) are applied automatically based on the volume of traffic and related factors. Such blocks automatically expire after a few days.