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This page is partially or entirely outdated: Please see current guidance in the help section. Visit to subscribe to the periodic newsletter.

Various mailing lists for Project Gutenberg exist. A brief description of each follows, along with a link to visit or subscribe (or unsubscribe). All lists live at, and are moderated except for the discussion lists. If you would like to subscribe to a mailing list simply select a mailing list name below. All lists require email confirmation to subscribe as part of email anti-spam measures. Note that archives from 2006-2009 are not available for some lists, due to a server crash.

If you only want to report an error in a book or the book catalog then go to Contact Information where the email addresses for that are listed.

Newsletters, with new eBook listings, calls for assistance, general information, and announcements

Project Gutenberg sends a monthly newsletter (there used to be a weekly newsletter, but that has been discontinued):

Notification as new eBooks are posted

Discussion for active volunteers